Cape Naturaliste College principal releases statement to parents after Kalgup crash

High school reaches out to parents after fatal crash

Parents of students at Busselton's Cape Naturaliste College have received a statement from pincipal Mark Gillett in response to the fatal crash in Kalgup on April 17.

Just before 9pm on Saturday night, a Ford Falcon with what was believed to have seven teenagers crashed into a tree.

Two teenagers passed away at the scene.

In Mr Gillett's letter to parents he stated "It is with great sadness we acknowledge that a tragic car accident occurred in our community yesterday involving some of our students."

"Our thoughts are with the students involved, their families and our broader school community at this very difficult time. I am also aware of the impact on friends at school.

"Within the school, we have a team of support staff available to assist students, staff and parents. We will continue to provide support over the coming days and weeks as needed.

"It is important to give your child the opportunity to talk during these times and to listen to them. It would be best for your child's routines to continue as normally as possible and they should attend school as usual.

"It is important to give young people the opportunity to talk and for adults and friends to listen to their stories.

"It is important to note the reaction of your child may be significant, even if they had no personal knowledge of the student involved.

"Our school will be continuing to support our whole school community over the coming weeks. It is helpful for students to be in their normal routine as much as possible.

It is important to give your child the opportunity to talk during these times and to listen to them.

Cape Naturaliste College principal Mark Gillett

"This includes returning to school and engaging in normal out of school activities. We will continue to provide support to students as required. In the event that any students are identified as being of significant concern; our staff will contact parents immediately.

"Today and over the coming weeks you may be concerned about your child's reactions or feelings about this news. Should you want to discuss your concerns with the school please feel free to contact us.

"It is important to be aware that social media can be used in ways which may increase distress.

"If your child notices rumours, misinformation or inappropriate comments about this matter, or if they are concerned about another person, please utilise the support numbers below or speak to a member of our school support team.

"If your child is receiving mental health related support outside of the school then consider whether it may be important to advise the mental health provider.

"At times like these, young people may want to meet in groups for support and express and share their feelings.

"If you become aware of any such gatherings, it is important to make sure there are responsible adults present and you may wish to accompany your child."

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