Ethyn Amat is winning fans for his paintings, which are the result of a unique journey

CREATIVE: Ethyn loves to connect with others through his artwork. Photo: Supplied.
CREATIVE: Ethyn loves to connect with others through his artwork. Photo: Supplied.

Ethyn Amat is an extraordinary young man for many reasons.

At just 18 years old Ethyn has an art business, where he creates pieces inspired by an array of different areas, including his indigenous heritage.

Ethyn's mother Naomi Amat said her son has shown incredible passion and drive with his art.

Since being diagnosed with autism and having to find alternative ways to communicate due to being non-verbal, Ethyn has found himself connecting through colours.

"Ethyn loves colour, he has such an incredible eye," Naomi said.

"We watch the process of him choosing colours for his paintings, and sometimes we'll think 'hmm we wouldn't put those colours together', but the piece will turn out amazing and the colours will work perfectly - that's how good his eye is."

Ethyn's artistic journey began in January last year after a discussion between Naomi and Ethyn's advisor from Valued Lives.

"Valued lives is an organisation that guides you to provide opportunities for children and young adults to find what they enjoy most in life - what gives them purpose," Naomi said.

"After chatting with Ethyn's advisor, who lives down in Mandurah, we decided we would look at painting. As his mum, I was excited for him to try something different."

For Ethyn's birthday, Naomi bought paint supplies and canvases, and that is when, she said, "the magic began".

"He immediately created two masterpieces and we haven't looked back," Naomi laughed.

"And we thought, let's make the most of it and explore the ways he enjoys being creative."

Ethyn found painting particularly therapeutic during the COVID lockdowns, when Naomi said his anxiety was at an all-time-high.

"Ethyn had to go into lockdown earlier than everyone else. He was struggling to cope with anxiety and was stuck at home all day," she said.

"When he started to paint, and use that time exploring different artistic techniques, his confidence started to grow."

Eventually, after creating a number of impressive art pieces, a family friend suggested Ethyn sell his artwork.

"A friend said to us, why aren't you selling these? And that is when his artwork evolved into a business," Naomi said.

"With us being based in Eaton and Ethyn's advisor being based in Mandurah, we started with a wide scope of opportunities to connect with people."

Ethyn Extra-Ordinary Art is Ethyn's online art page, where Naomi and Ethyn share artwork, and people can enquire to buy certain pieces.

"When someone comes in to buy one of Ethyn's artworks, he is pretty chuffed," she said.

"He loves the idea that someone wants to look at his work."

Naomi said that Ethyn also found himself completely smitten with one of his pieces.

"This was one of the first pieces that he admired non-stop," she said.

"He absolutely loved it - now it sits proudly in his room where he can admire it all the time."

In recent pieces, Ethyn has been exploring his indigenous heritage through colour.

"Ethyn painted a beautiful piece with the colours of both the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander flags," Naomi said.

"It blended so well, and has turned out to be such a special painting."

Ethyn's art is now displayed proudly all around Australia, with pieces being snapped up from WA to Alice Springs and Queensland.

"One went to a speech therapist for her office, another went to a mountain bike business - we have a couple hanging up in a youth organisation in Harvey," Naomi said.

  • Follow Ethyn's artistic journey or browse through pieces available on his Facebook page.