The Vicar of Dibley is headed for the stage at Koorliny Arts Centre

ICONIC PART: Karen Godfrey said she feels "honoured" to be taking on the role of a lifetime. Photo: Supplied.

ICONIC PART: Karen Godfrey said she feels "honoured" to be taking on the role of a lifetime. Photo: Supplied.

By day, Peel local Karen Godfrey works in events for the Shire of Waroona, by night, she trades in her lanyard for a spotlight.

Ms Godfrey is currently in rehearsals for the Vicar of Dibley playing the eponymous Vicar, a role that was originated by comedian Dawn French in 1994.

"I feel completely honoured that I've been cast in this role, it's a bucket-list role of a lifetime," Ms Godfrey said.

"The Vicar is such a well-known character and I really want to do her justice."

The show, produced by Laughing Horse Productions in conjunction with Koorliny Arts Centre, was originally postponed due to COVID lockdowns.

"We did our first table read about 12 months ago. Now we are finally getting to perform it in May."

Ms Godfrey, along with the cast and crew have been working hard to bring the world of Dibley to the stage, and have found themselves deeply connected to the characters and their wit.

"I love the absurdity of the characters. I love how they are absurd and witty, but have also been written with such kindness - that's the really special part."

While the iconic nature of the role makes Ms Godfrey feel like she has big shoes to fill, she said her goal is to embody the character, not replicate her exactly.

"I'm never going to be the original. I want to do the role justice in my way, portraying the character myself with a nod to Dawn French," she said.

When asked about the highlights of the rehearsal experience so far, Ms Godfrey gave credit to the cast and crew.

"Our director Kelly Salathiel has been just amazing," she said

"And the cast is the most warm, kind and funny group of people - it has really been a pleasure getting to perform alongside them."

The Vicar of Dibley will run from May 14-22, and tickets can be purchased via the Koorliny Arts Centre website.