Mandurah to put focus on becoming prime film-making destination

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

Becoming a one-stop-shop for film-makers is on the City's agenda at Tuesdays' Ordinary Council meeting.

If endorsed, it will see Mandurah become a prime spot for film and video-makers, cutting red tape and streamlining approval processes around filming.

An initiative of ScreenWest, the Film Friendly City accreditation requires the creation of a film liaison officer's position.

This role will provide an holistic approach to accommodate all of a production's needs by coordinating and managing all aspects of filming enquiries.

This will assist filmmakers in getting the necessary approvals, support and access to Council services as quickly as possible.

Becoming a Film Friendly City will help Mandurah economically by promoting the city as an attractive and welcoming destination for film and television production, which will have a flow-on affect for tourism.

The officer's report also says it's an established practice for producers of a film to usually work with local acting groups and high school drama departments.

"Engagement with film crews may provide hands-on experience and build knowledge and expertise, which would remain in the community once the production has concluded," the report states.

Some other benefits for production companies using Film Friendly Cities include:

  • Recent and searchable location images tagged to the region
  • Low or no-fee applications for filming
  • Adoption of standardised and streamlined permit application forms for filming
  • Access to key locations under council's jurisdiction

Council is expected to endorse the officer's recommendation which will allow the accreditation process to begin in the near future.