Letters to the Editor: 25 March 2021

Robert Fey sent in this unedited image. Email your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au
Robert Fey sent in this unedited image. Email your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

My husband has been a resident in two very different aged care homes. The first one, where thankfully he only stayed for a couple of months, was a business and provided the kind of institutional care rightly excoriated in the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

The second care home, a non-profit, where he lived out the last year of his life, was different in so many ways, not least in the approach and style of management where quality of care was paramount. It is important that we improve our aged care sector; it is also important to acknowledge where the quality of care is strong. Our efforts need to go into providing good care rather than profit. I am deeply thankful for the loving care given to my husband in Amana Living's Wearne House in Mandurah and so very grateful to have a non-profit choice.

Name and suburb withheld

Disgraceful footpaths

I agree with the writer (Letters, Mail, March 18) in the challenge to the Mandurah Mayor and City chief executive, that they spend at least eight hours traversing sections of Mandurah pathways. I had a son who was permanently in a wheelchair and constantly trying to cope with the conditions of the footpaths, which are disgraceful.

Greg Black, Halls Head

Nature vs pleasure

Do we value nature or our own hedonistic pleasure? When I heard about jet boats coming to Mandurah to give people an 'adrenaline rush' I was immediately concerned for the dolphins and sea birds who rely on quiet surrounds for feeding and safety. I phoned the company and was told that they leave from the floating platform at Halls Head, obey speed limits to beyond Doddi's beach to open ocean and consult with the dolphin group, Estuary Guardians to find out if dolphins are nearby. It is reassuring that they won't actually hit one, but what about the noise? Dolphins travel quite quickly along the coast feeding. I know blasting and sonar disorientate them, drown out communication and can deafen cetaceans.

To quote a study: "Jet skis had a more dramatic effect on dolphin groups, with 56 per cent of groups changing their behavior and 11 per cent changing both their behavior and direction."

Personally, I think it is noise pollution, a waste of fuel resources and not desirable in an area where we are trying to promote the love of nature. We need to do everything we can to regenerate our waterways and ocean.

Merrilee Baker, Mandurah

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