30-year-old missing persons case in Mandurah needs answers

In August, it will have been 30 years since Captain Neville Gordon Archer disappeared without a trace after visiting a home in Mandurah.

Captain Archer was an experienced Seaman and businessman, and was divorced with adult children.

On the evening of Friday, August 9, 1991, he climbed into his gold Toyota between the hours of 7-8pm, and left the house he was visiting in Mandurah, alone. He was set to meet with an unknown person at an unknown location.

Captain Archer would never be seen again.

Perth Private Investigator Mick Buckley has looked into Captain Archer's case, and has met with members of his family, wanting to help them find answers.

Mr Buckley spent 14 years in the W.A. Police Force, including six years in the Criminal Investigation Unit attaining the rank of Senior Detective. He now has more than two decades of experience in Private Investigation, and has solved and investigated crimes throughout Australia and overseas.

"This case is a big one," Mr Buckley told the Mail. "I've had a (close family member) of Captain Archer's in my house - the family want and deserve answers."

Captain Archer's car was found a few months after his disappearance in Bullfinch (north of Southern Cross) completely burnt out and abandoned.

"We went down there to check the site of the car. We checked for any evidence that might be around or underneath it," Mr Buckley said.

Captain Archer withdrew a large sum of money from an ANZ bank in Fremantle early on the day of his disappearance.

There have been speculations about why Captain Archer withdrew such a large amount of money and what may have played out in the following hours.

One prevalent speculation is that the intended recipient of the money lured Captain Archer to a secluded location with ill intentions.

Mr Buckley said he believed it was time for the case to be brought back into the spotlight. "It has been coming on for 30 years," Mr Buckley said. "It has been a while since anyone has written about this case."

With a reward on offer, anyone with any information on Captain Archer's disappearance is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. You can remain anonymous.

Mr Buckley will be meeting with the Mail in coming weeks to discuss and delve further into the disappearance.