Urgent call out for eating disorder support as Mandurah cases soar

Urgent call out for eating disorder support as Mandurah cases soar

With eating disorder diagnoses exploding, the heat is on governments to expand services and build facilities that have been promised for Mandurah.

In February 2019, the federal government promised the state $4 million for a much needed residential eating disorder treatment centre in the Peel.

But more than two years later, the state government has made no progress on setting it up.

It has tentative plans for the residential facility to be located within the Peel Health Campus mental health facility which is a proposed component of the hospital redevelopment due to start in 2023.

Mandurah MP David Templeman said "negotiations were continuing in regards to the location".

"The reality is we're going to get one, we need one, the question is where it should be best located," Mr Templeman said.

Meanwhile, local service providers are desperately hoping to get a lion's share in the $32 million promised by the state government last month to expand WA's eating disorders program.

Peel Health Hub coordinator Eleanor Britton said 50 young people had come to the Allnutt Street clinic with an eating disorder in just the last year.

It's reflective of what's happening across the state, which saw a huge 43 per cent increase in children seeking specialist help for eating disorders last year.

"We just have such a huge need and we don't have the programs to effectively offer the complex care required," Ms Britton said.

She said an early intervention service was "direly" needed within the facility.

"All the research says that the longer eating disorders are left untreated, the more difficult recovery is," she said.

"It's looking like years until the expansion of the Peel hospital is finished so it's vital that we get early support and intervention now."