Liberals commit $2 million to funding Lakelands skate park

The prospects of a skate park being built in Lakelands received a boost with the WA Liberals committing $2 million to the project should they be elected in March.

Shadow minister for regional development Steve Thomas announced the election promise on Monday, labeling the North Mandurah corridor a "forgotten region" in terms of funding.

"Mandurah and in fact all of Peel have been the forgotten region of our state when it comes to regional development funding," Dr Thomas said.

"But a future Liberal government is committed to making things happen in the region under the Royalties for Regions banner.

"Mandurah deserves to be recognised and supported, and that is what we intend to do.

"The $2 million I announce today is expected to leverage additional funding from the City of Mandurah to ensure the timely delivery of the park."

Liberal candidate for Mandurah Ryan Burns said he was especially pleased that the Liberal party had started its regional announcement for Mandurah there.

"Mandurah's North, particularly Lakelands and Madora Bay, is a fast-growing area," he said.

"This is an area with a big and important population that has traditionally been under-serviced, so I am pleased we are starting here.

"These communities in our North deserve the kind of community facilities that others already have because it improves the amenity of the area and makes it more likely that people will want to move in and build their futures there.

"It is especially important for young families to provide good, safe outlets for kids' recreation. When we do so the entire community benefits."

The proposed skate park is expected to come before the City of Mandurah council on Tuesday, January 19, with North Ward councillor Ahmed Zilani putting in a notice of motion.

Among his reasons for the motion, Mr Zilani notes the need for a skate park facility similar to those recently opened in Mandurah and Falcon.