Mandurah posts well below average rainfall in 2020

Mandurah has recorded low rainfall figures for the second straight year. Photo: File image.
Mandurah has recorded low rainfall figures for the second straight year. Photo: File image.

Mandurah experienced a second straight year of low rainfall in 2020, with the final tally more than 100mm shy of the yearly average.

Despite posting its wettest November on record, the city still struggled to get anywhere near the mean benchmark of 647.4mm for the year, finishing at 507.6mm.

December rounded out 2020 with 17 days straight without rain, and just 1.6mm recorded for the entire month.

March and November were the only months to record higher-than-average amounts of rainfall in 2020.

The low figures follow on from a dry 2019, which also produced a lowly 517mm of rain.

This year hasn't started out any more promising, with Mandurah yet to record a drop of rain in the first half of January, according to figures from the Bureau of Meteorology website.

The Bureau released its Annual Climate Statement for 2020 earlier this month, which showed 2020 was the second-hottest year on record across Western Australia.

Daytime temperatures sat 1.54 degrees above average and night-time temps 0.95 above average.

It follows the warmest year on record for WA in 2019 when daytime temperatures were 2.5 degrees above average and night-time temps 0.83 above.

In 2020 Australia recorded its fourth-warmest year on record.

The annual climate report also cited Mandurah's influx of whacky weather in May, which saw waves peaking at more than eight metres tall on the back of a hefty cold front.

But the Bureau's upcoming forecast shows no storms on the horizon for the city, with another bout of hot temperatures set to make residents swelter over the next seven days.

Tops of 34 and 35 are expected across Thursday and Friday, before a three-day stretch of 36-degree temperatures settles in throughout the weekend and Monday.

So far January has produced a mean maximum temperature of 33.4 degrees in Mandurah, more than a whopping four degrees higher than the month's usual average of 29.3.