Letters to the Editor: 17 December 2020

An estuary sunset taken this autumn by Bill Bethell. Email your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au
An estuary sunset taken this autumn by Bill Bethell. Email your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

Thank you to everyone who came to the scene at the Mandjoogoordap Drive roundabout where my husband had a massive heart attack last weekend. I just wanted to acknowledge the people who helped me at the scene; the first year intern who tried CPR, the woman that called 000, Bunnings staff who brought a wheelchair, ambulance drivers, those that brought the car and trailer back to my house and brought the key back to the hospital for me, and all the people that were there. We have a beautiful community and I want to thank all of these people who came to our aid.

He is resting in peace.

Kathy (surname withheld), Wannanup

Lakeland's traffic

The latest afterthought in the Lakelands traffic disaster is the 70km/h zone on Mandjoogoordap Drive. We have a quite recent and large-scale road construction project that created a fantastic streamlined entrance into Mandurah. It includes overpasses, underpasses, fauna tunnels. Yet somehow the project designers have failed to plan for future expansion of Lakelands; now we have a ridiculous slowing of traffic on an otherwise freeway-style road.

This lack of planning is obvious to anyone who has the misfortune of driving through new Madora and Lakelands on Mandurah Road. The traffic through this area is prohibitive. What could have been fixed with a pen and paper will now take millions of dollars to fix. Mandurah has seen continued growth for decades and yet we still don't have a long term plan. This is proven by the council's foreshore redevelopment, which is already underway.

Now the council wants to create the Yalgorup ec- tourism precinct with associated development, increasing traffic flow through Falcon and Dawesville. Planning for the future is sensible and standard procedure for any successful organisation. Mandurah needs to think big. We are quickly becoming a big city. The ability for traffic to flow freely and quickly is one of the biggest economic drivers for any city.

Jacob Cumberworth, Mandurah

Naked by next winter

This letter is a strong warning to all our State and Federal Governments. Australia must hurry up and get sweet again with China. If not by next winter we could all be naked. Have a look at your undies, shirts, trousers, shoes; and I have only covered the blokes. Everything is made in China.

Charlie Gibson, Falcon

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