Pat on the back, Mandurah. We are among Australia's most generous

Pat on the back, Mandurah. We are among Australia's most generous

Mandurah has been named the fourth most generous place in Australia - despite having the country's highest unemployment.

Mandurah made the list after Bundaberg, Wagga Wagga and Mackay based on the average number of donations per resident made to GoFundMe campaigns.

Not surprisingly, the most residents chipped in for a fundraiser related to the Broome helicopter tragedy on July 4. Friends and family of 12-year-old Falcon girl Amber Jess raised $41,000 to erect a "beach bench" in her honour, after she died along with Bouvard pilot Troy Thomas when the Robinson R44 chopper crashed.

The community came together to raise another $31,000 for the family of David McKenzie, who was killed in a tragic motorbike accident on October 15, leaving behind his wife Chevonne and his two sons Konnor and Jamie.

Another $14,000 went to the family of Mandurah Mobile V-Twin owner Troy "Ando" Anderson who passed away in July, to help with funeral costs.

And $13,000 was raised on a page set up by Daniel Moses to give his beloved wife Stef "the send off she deserves" at the age of 35 after a two-year battle with bowel cancer.

It was also mostly Mandurah locals who contributed $11,000 to a fundraiser set up by Six Mile Workshop staff for their work colleague of 15 years, Paul Lucas who lost his beloved wife and mother of their six children, Liana.

Other causes that Mandurah folk dug deep for included last summer's bushfires, other emergency responses and animal rescues.

Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams congratulated residents.

"I'm not surprised but as always very proud to live in such a generous community," he said.

Donations to community fundraisers across Australia doubled (124 per cent) in 2020 compared to 2019.

Mandurah recorded an 18 per cent jobless rate this year, the highest in the country according to CommSec data.