Hallelujah: David Templeman's ode to 2020 in Parliament goes viral

MP David Templeman lets rip as parliament ends in WA. Photo: screen grab
MP David Templeman lets rip as parliament ends in WA. Photo: screen grab

From state politician to star of his own show called "MP's Got Talent"? Well, maybe for WA MP David Templeman.

The question after the Mandurah MP performed his now traditional end-of-year in WA parliament is: Will their be a federal equivalent on the final sitting day of the year in Canberra come Friday?

Meanwhile, Mr Templeman continues to rack up the compliments for his ode to 2020.

"Everywhere I go, people say to me, I've heard your song," says Mandurah MP David Templeman.

The MP reckons his 2020 rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' is his best yet.

The song reflects on achievements in Western Australia - but it's brought smiles to faces far further afield with hundreds of thousands of views.

The Times in London no less celebrated the MP's vocal ability - along with perhaps the less well known Darjeeling Chroncile.

See previous songs by Mr Templeman:

"We need to never forget that a sense of humour is important," Mr Templeman said.

"West Australians have been remarkable in how they've responded to COVID-19 and humour is a part of that."

He serenaded his colleagues and those in the public gallery for the last scheduled sitting day in November, after a busy year of COVID-19 related issues.

"You wondered out to the supermart, and grabbed a lonely shopping cart, but the hoarders had cleaned the shelves before ya," he sang.

"Down aisle three and aisle four there was no dunny roll at all - the world had gone made you were sure hallelujah.

"We were in isolation, isolation, isolation, isolation."


Mandurah MP David Templeman's Ode to 2020