Time capsule mysteries in south west WA while new capsule buried in Meadow Springs

With how much has happened in 2020, a Mandurah school wanted to give students the chance to share their thoughts about the year through a time capsule.

It was also an occasion to mark last year's opening of the primary component of Oakwood Primary School in Meadow Springs, after the opening of the kindergarten the year before.

"We wanted to capture where we are - we're a fairly new school," Principal Will Davis said.

"We wanted to do something small to commemorate the start of our school, it hasn't turned out to be that small," he laughs.

The time capsule was buried with the help of parents, students and local politicians and is to be unearthed in 20 years.

"In a year that was extraordinary, we wanted to do something extraordinary."

Mr Davis said he had two children at the school and he would most interested in reading back on their predictions of the future.

"I'll be interested to see the questions all of the students had about the future," Mr Davis said.

"To see which kids were on the winner."

Children wrote letters predicting that in two decades there would be space travel, flying cars, a reversal in climate change, and much more.

The capsule includes a school shirt, coins, toilet paper, face mask, 2020 photos, student questionnaires, a copy of the Mandurah Mail and other newspapers, photos and digital information on a USB drive.

Meanwhile Frederick Irwin Anglican School staff are hunting a time capsule that was buried at the Mandurah school in 1991 - but no-one knows where it was buried.

Similar news at Yarloop Primary School where a time capsule was buried two decades ago but metal detectors and a 20-metre excavated trench were not enough to find it in October.

And there has been another capsule shrouded in mystery in the south-west of WA in recent weeks.

A large crowd gathered at Balingup Primary School in November for the long-awaited opening of a 25-year-old time capsule buried in the school grounds - but it was discovered to be empty.