Pride in Peel condemns 'bigoted and hateful' Basil Zempilas comments

The Peel region's LGBTIQ community has hit out at comments made by City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas, labeling his views toward transgender people "bigoted" and "hateful".

Mr Zempilas denied anyone can identify as a different gender during his regular morning radio spot on 6PR on Wednesday morning.

"If you've got a penis mate, you're a bloke," he said.

"If you've got a vagina, you're a woman. Game over."

The prominent Perth figure then offered a $100 voucher to "any woman with a penis to ring the station".

Basil Zempilas was elected to the office of Lord Mayor earlier this month. Photo: Facebook.

Basil Zempilas was elected to the office of Lord Mayor earlier this month. Photo: Facebook.

His comments were met with outrage from the WA transgender community, with a rally against Mr Zempilas set to be held in the City of Perth on Saturday.

Mandurah-based organisation Pride in Peel was among many to condemn the comments.

"Pride in Peel stands together in support for the trans community against the hateful, bigoted, ill-informed and outdated comments made by Perth Mayor Basil Zempilas," a statement released by the organisation read.

"Not only did these comments place trans people at more risk within the community, they caused further duress to a community that already has one of the highest mental health and suicide rates.

"We would like to show our support for anyone in the community who may have been distressed by these comments and let you know we stand behind you."

Mr Zempilas fronted the media to issue a formal apology on Thursday, labeling his comments "bad broadcasting."

"I made a mistake. It was a bad mistake, it was bad broadcasting," he said.

"It's a moment that I'd prefer to take back."

Mr Zempilas said the comments, made just one day prior to his apology, were not his views on transgender people.

"They're not my views," he said.

"It was a moment of stupid broadcasting and I regret that moment. (The comments) are not in keeping with my values."

Mr Zempilas was elected to office earlier this month, and refuted claims that his work for both 6PR and Seven West Media was not conducive to his status as Lord Mayor.

"I just have to be better," he said.

"I understand the fact that I am the Lord Mayor of the City of Perth means that I am under the microscope."

Mr Zempilas said he would "happy" to undergo training to better educate himself around issues faced by the LGBTIQ community.