Secret NZ government talks wrapping up

The New Zealand Greens will poll members on joining government over the weekend.
The New Zealand Greens will poll members on joining government over the weekend.

New Zealanders will discover the shape of their next government on Sunday at the conclusion of negotiations between Labour and the Greens.

Jacinda Ardern's Labour party romped to victory in the October 17 poll and can govern in its own right but the re-elected PM is entertaining bringing the Greens into government.

Labour needed the minor party's support to govern after the 2017 election and Ms Ardern has signaled her intent to continue the alliance if an agreement can be struck.

The details are being thrashed out between Ms Ardern and her top Labour allies and Greens co-leaders Marama Davidson and James Shaw.

Ms Davidson said the two parties are "making good progress" towards the deal, which is shrouded in secrecy.

Neither party has commented on the content of discussions.

Extraordinarily, the deal will go to grassroots Greens members before the public, media or even Labour MPs.

The parties will finalise negotiations on Friday, leaving the Greens 48 hours to conduct a teleconference for roughly 150 delegates on whether they wish to support it.

"For a good process, which our party really values, we do want it to go to the members to make that final decision," Ms Davidson said.

"The delegates are very much looking forward to having this call so they'll make sure that they can get to the call ."

The deal needs 75 per cent of grassroots delegate support to pass.

Labour has agreed to also withhold the terms of the agreement while the Greens membership decides whether to accept it.

Mr Shaw suggested he was unconcerned by the prospect of it leaking to the public.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. There are a lot of moving parts and we just need to go through the process," he said.

"We are really in the final 'rats and mice' stage," he said.

"We can't really say what the concluding round is going to look like but the talks are going very well. It is very constructive and we are just getting into finer details."

Local reports have speculated both Greens leaders will be offered ministerial roles outside of cabinet.

Ms Ardern says she will hand out ministerial jobs for her second term next week, when the final election results will also be confirmed by the New Zealand Electoral Commission.

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