Mandurah rally behind Shire of Murray to stop Point Grey Marina

'Our estuary is at risk': Mandurah rally behind Shire of Murray to stop Point Grey Marina

The City of Mandurah council has supported the Shire of Murray's bid to block the contentious Point Grey Marina development.

It has been a long-running battle between the Shire of Murray and developers Tian An Australia since the 300-berth marina was proposed, which would require the dredging of a 2.5 kilometre navigation channel across the Peel-Harvey Estuary.


At a meeting on June 25, Murray councillors approved a change to their Town Planning Scheme, removing a marina as permissible use under zoning around Point Grey. If approved by Planning minister Rita Saffioti the development would be classified as "unsuitable".

In a report, City officers outlined that the proposed navigation channel and the potential impacts the marina and channel may have on the Peel-Harvey estuary were of significant concern.

The Mandurah council has also previously expressed concerns with regards to the construction and management of the navigation channel and advised the state government it wouldn't maintain the proposed channel.

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When it came time to vote, the decision was almost unanimous with Dave Schumacher the only councillor to vote against the motion.

Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams acknowledged the Shire of Murray's "courage and leadership".

Cr Lynn Rogers, who moved the motion, said the City had to preserve the ecological health of the estuary.

"We have to preserve the ecological health of the estuary as it is central to the Peel region community values," she said.

"It gives us significant economic benefits to the region through tourism, commercial fisheries and recreational activities.

"We have to advocate for and partner with all levels of government to ensure environmental impacts are considered in all strategy development and decision making."

"The science is clear. Our estuary is at risk and we need to stand strong with our neighbours, the Shire of Murray," Deputy mayor Caroline Knight added.

The proposed change to the scheme is open for public comment on the Shire's website until October 30.