Singleton mum honoured for life-saving act

Latara Ogle had her courageous, life-saving act honoured when she received a Royal Life Saving Bravery Award earlier this month.

The Singleton mother-of-three was on her way to pick her kids up from school on a day in March when she noticed a distressed woman waving down traffic on Ennis Avenue in Warnbro.

Pulling over to assess the situation, Ms Ogle quickly spotted the woman's husband had completely stopped breathing.

The man had gone into cardiac arrest, and his wife was in shock.

"It was a pretty hectic scene," Ms Ogle said.

"The woman was clearly in distress and we were so close to a busy road. My main focus was getting the man away from the road."

Amazingly, Ms Ogle is fully trained in CPR due to a medical condition her daughter carries, and has had to administer the procedure on her child several times.

Thanks to that knowledge she was able to roll the man into position and begin CPR and chest compressions.

"It's basic instinct for me," Ms Ogle said.

"My daughter is an epileptic and I've had to do it so many times before, so I just kind of got to it without any other thought."

But her efforts to rescue the man faced a cruel and unpredictable hurdle.

Shortly after beginning the procedure, Ms Ogle called out to another man on the scene to go to her car and collect the resuscitation mask she keeps for her daughter in the glove box.

Instead of assisting in saving a life, though, the man made off with her iPad.

"At the time I didn't think anything of it because there's so much going on," Ms Ogle said.

"But when I finally got home I realised my iPad was missing and that's when it clicked with me, that the man who didn't return with the mask had stolen it."

Fortunately, Ms Ogle remained focus on saving the man's life, and was able to restore his breathing by the time paramedics arrived.

Weeks later the man's family reached out to inform her he had made a full recovery.

"I was just so happy to hear about that and to know he had survived," she said.

"To know that I'd been able to help save the man's life - that's just amazing and it's something I'll think about forever now."

Ms Ogle's courage was honoured when she was awarded a Gold Medallion at the Bravery Awards earlier this month.

"It's something I will cherish for a long time," she said.

"My kids understand what it means, and that means a lot to me. It's something they can be proud of their mum for."