Dwellingup festival joins list of sell out events | PHOTOS

While many major events are still being cancelled due to COVID restrictions, those able to go ahead are selling out like never before.

Jarrahfall Food and Folk Festival coordinator Clayton Fredericks said this month's Dwellingup festival had never before sold out so quickly.

"With 35 acres, we're pretty unique in that we can have 650 people and have them spread out so that we can meet all the guidelines," he said.

"Not many places that can do.

"We were sold out a month prior.

"We sold out much faster than the previous year where we still had tickets available up until the end."

Blossom Festival in Boddington also sold out with weeks to spare even though just two weeks out from the scheduled date organisers were unsure whether they could go ahead, due to COVID-19 regulations.

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The coronavirus outbreak is still dealing huge blows to the live music industry worldwide. Slews of tours, concerts and festivals have been cancelled or postponed so as to cut the risk of COVID transmission.

The organisers of Western Australia Gourmet Escape international food festival cancelled the November event, citing ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Tourism Council of WA chief executive Evan Hall said the cancellation was indicative of the devastating impact of the restrictions around COVID 19 on the events industry.

"Generally with events, we are finding that it's actually the interstate border restrictions is what are leading the events to be cancelled, more than the limits on gatherings," he said.