Halls Head College students share musical knowledge with partner primary schools

Halls Head College hosted a music workshop for partner primary schools Ocean Road, South Halls Head and Halls Head Primary on the last day of Term 3 at the Halls Head College Recreation Centre.

It was a full day workshop, with more than 50 choir students learning new notes and music with a range of voices, different to their usual crew.

The mature voices of the older students mixed with the innocence of the younger students was a perfect match as they learned the lyrics to Sia's new song Snowman.

Upstairs the band was rehearsing their own music.

HHC music students worked with the younger students passing on the skills to play on their various chosen instruments.

In most cases, this was the first time the primary school students had played with a full band.

At the end of the day, the choir and band came together to play some music, which included The Lion Sleeps Tonight and some Christmas medleys.

It was a wonderful way for the students to end a busy term.