'So much stress': New mum's support system stuck overseas

Tooshan was born on April 6 at King Edward Hospital just days after Western Australia's border was closed off from the rest of the world.

Now five months after giving birth, Devinna Ramdhony could've never predicted she would be in and out of hospital with her support system stuck in Mauritius.

"With my first baby I had friends, my sister and my mother-in-law come but unfortunately this time I couldn't have any help," mum-of-two, Devinna told the Mandurah Mail.

"My sister had a visa ready to come this time but because of the borders closing she now can't get here."

Devinna hopes her sister can get an exemption soon but so far every attempt to get her to WA has been thwarted.

"We have applied for an exemption multiple times but it has been rejected every time," she said.

"Even if she does get an exemption there is not many flights from Mauritius.

"There was one flight last month we were hoping she could come on but they rejected her exemption so the flight has been and we don't know when the next one will be."

Taneesh and Tooshan Ramdhony. Photo: Supplied.

Taneesh and Tooshan Ramdhony. Photo: Supplied.

As if having no family support wasn't enough, Devinna was hospitalised twice for an infection and is still not fully recovered.

"I was unwell so I've been to hospital twice and I have to go back soon for surgery," she said.

"When I was in the hospital in Perth it was a lot of travel for my husband, he had to take time off work and bring the kids with him because we don't have anyone here to help.

"Since coming back from hospital I also haven't been able to recover because I had to look after the kids straight away instead of rest."

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With no support in sight, Devinna and her husband are begging for help from the community.

"There is so much stress due to our financial situation, being unwell, having no support and having to look after the kids myself," she said.

"We are hoping someone can help, especially with my toddler.

"He wants someone to play with him but I don't have enough time to and I get very dizzy still."

If anyone can help with childcare services email Devinna at vramdhony@yahoo.com.