Monitoring device for WA border breach

Monitoring device for WA border breach

A 35-year-old man, who has been residing in South Australia, has been fitted with an electronic monitoring device after he recently entered Western Australia without receiving approval as an exempt traveller.

Around September 23, the man entered the state from South Australia in a vehicle via a bush track north of Kalgoorlie. It is believed he then travelled to Kellerberrin.

He was arrested on 24 September in Kellerberrin and charged with Fail to Comply with a Direction and was subsequently fined $7500 after appearing in court on 25 September.

He was then directed to quarantine at a Perth hotel.

In consideration of the breach and the man's history, the state emergency coordinator deemed he was to be fit with a monitoring device until the end of his quarantine period.

Police are continuing to issue infringements to those in the community who are breaching their responsibilities regarding COVID-19.

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