Letters to the Editor: 24 September 2020

Courtney Mitchell.sent in this photo of hail spattered Mandurah on Saturday. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au
Courtney Mitchell.sent in this photo of hail spattered Mandurah on Saturday. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

I agree we help the homeless, but how about helping the rate payer who lives near a squat house? We can't build on our property because of the squat house next door. It has damaged asbestos walls, it's a rubbish tip and has been a gathering place for people with mental health and drug issues. It's been like that for years despite complaints to the City and countless police visits. The result is problematic for those living near these houses. So help the rate payer and the homeless. Seems fair.

Rhonda Griechen, Mandurah

Monster must be confronted

In response to Philip Bradshaw's letter 'Now A Dangerous Enemy' (last week). This man believes we should lay down and let this horrible beast walk all over us. This monster must one day be confronted. Our government has at last realised the dilemma we are in and is attempting to control it. Too much of our beautiful country has been spoiled by the bullying of the Chinese dictatorship. At least we stand with America who also see the error of past governments.

Don Hatch, Coodanup (Abridged)

Warning to "keyless" car owners

My sincere thanks to the person who went out of their way to leave the keys [I lost from my car roof on Mandurah Terrace, Saturday morning] with the police and to the police for phoning me immediately. And a warning to those with these remote controls, just because you can start your car doesn't mean the device is in the car, it could be anywhere within 10-15 metres.

Peter Wood, Erskine (Abridged)

Where does that leave us?

Regarding last week's letter 'Now A Dangerous Enemy' (Philip Bradshaw). I can't believe for a minute, if our children's children are called upon to protect this land, they would do as in the past. The writer quotes, 'the war-hungry USA', well if we didn't have them, we certainly wouldn't be relying on England to help us. He also forgets we have allies like India which has nearly the same population and is well armed, as well as Japan. China has just done a deal with West Africa to run a major highway from a large deposit of iron ore twice the grade they are currently buying from us. So where does that leave us? We look for other markets, reduce if not stop importing Chinese goods, increase our independence by setting up our own oil rigs to adequately hold our own resources. I, with both my father and his father, have fought for this country and the right to our freedom and am proud of it.

David McCormack, Mandurah (Abridged)

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