2020 School Leavers in Dunsborough set to go ahead

WA Police are devising a plan for this year's School Leavers event in Dunsborough to make it COVID-19 safe.
WA Police are devising a plan for this year's School Leavers event in Dunsborough to make it COVID-19 safe.

School Leavers is set to go ahead this year with a night time entertainment zone setup in Dunsborough from November 23 to 26, 2020.

A COVID-19 safe event will be devised by WA Police who are undertaking planning to ensure the health and safety of school leavers under restrictions including a beach party at Meelup.

It is not yet known if the number of school leavers able to attend the event will be reduced as yet, with police to decide on numbers during their planning phase.

WA Police acting commander Tony Colfer said they were unsure if they would increase the zone space to allow for the two-square metre rule under COVID-19 restrictions.

"Red Frogs have been employed to coordinate that event and they are very experienced in what they do," he said.

"We have full confidence in their ability to setup those events and make everything work."

Mr Colfer said extra resources would be deployed to the area to deal with any policing issues that came up during School Leavers.

"An incident management team will be setup by the South West District Office, that will be run 24/7 and the officers running the IMT will deploy officers accordingly," he said.

"If leavers are going to go down to the South West to Dunsborough and those locations there will be ample people there through Red Frogs, other agencies and WA Police to assist and have that support for them.

"If you have not got accommodation booked don't go. The last thing we want is people sleeping rough on beaches or national parks and being vulnerable to others."

Mr Colfer said they would be implementing the two-square metre rule, hand sanitising, cleanliness and spreading the message to be aware that COVID-19 was still around.

"We will have marshals and people on standby in those locations to assist with that and make sure the planning is appropriate," he said.

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