Halls Head students serve up food security for Mandurah's homeless

Students at Halls Head College have been cooking up a storm to help people in need in Term 3.

As part of a Community Service and Engagement program, the College have joined not for profit organisation Prepare Produce Provide in 5000 Meals; an initiative raising awareness of food insecurity in our communities and creating opportunities to provide nutritious meals for the local homeless.

Each Friday students come together to cook, prepare and distribute donations of meals for WestAus Crisis & Welfare Service and the Halo Soup Kitchen, providing food packs for local Indigenous families and individuals in need.

Twenty-six students form a seamless production line, each playing an important role in the efficient roll out of these meals into the community by the afternoon.

So far, spaghetti bolognese, chicken cacciatore and beef stew has made its way out into the community warming hundreds of bellies on a Friday night.

Mrs Jo Bell, Home Economics teacher, commented that the commitment from these students (who range from Year 8-12) was staggering.

"Each week they turn up for Period 1 and start cooking these nutritious meals in bulk. By Period 3 the kitchen is sparkling clean, food packaged, labeled, stored in the industrial fridges and ready for pickup. The professionalism is remarkable," Mrs Bell said.

"This has been a priceless opportunity for our students. Working closely and introducing our students to a wide range of community partnerships has given them an opportunity to contribute and become proactive citizens within our community.

"On Friday Debbie from WestAus Crisis, who we have been working closely with, was recognised as one of City of Mandurah's Local Legend's.

"Our students and the Halls Head College wider community are proud to be working alongside Debbie at WestAus Crisis; helping to make a difference in Mandurah, not only raising awareness to food insecurity but also being proactive about the issue. Debbie is doing a fabulous job and has created a dedicated team around her," she said.