Husky owner fined after Murray sheep property attack

A 28-year-old North Dandalup man has been fined for not containing his dog. Photo: File image.
A 28-year-old North Dandalup man has been fined for not containing his dog. Photo: File image.

The owner of a dog that was pinned to the ground with a pitchfork and hit to the head with a brick by a Murray farmer has been fined for not containing his pet.

A 28-year-old North Dandalup man faced Mandurah Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Shire of Murray lawyer Ron Porter told the court that the farmer witnessed two dogs chasing his sheep.

"He witnessed [the husky] Zeus run through the flock and grab a one week old lamb in his mouth around the chest," Mr Porter said.

"Zeus dropped the lamb after carrying it about 5 metres and then started running towards the other sheep in the flock."

After the farmer secured the sheep in a paddock he then "saw the dogs running around and barking at the chickens inside the closure and Zeus was also jumping on the wire of the pen".

The court heard the farmer "grabbed a pitchfork and pinned Zeus to the ground around the head".

Mr Porter said the farmer then "grabbed Zeus by the chained collar and dragged him to a nearby cage and hit Zeus with a brick several times to subdue him so he could exit the cage".

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The lamb was later found with a wound under its stomach and it was unable to stand.

Both animals didn't come out unscathed with a vet report revealing that Zeus suffered from seven puncture wounds, four on his neck and three above his eye, a broken jaw, internal bleeding, intracranial pressure, and multiple teeth missing.

The husky was later euthanised.

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The husky owner pleaded guilty to a charge of one count of a dog attack or chase causing physical injury and one count of a dog in a place without consent as well as an additional two counts of being a person liable for the control of any dog that attacked or chased any person or animal without causing any physical injury.

Magistrate Lynette Dias said the man faced a maximum total fine of $15,000 but reduced the fine due to the circumstances surrounding the incident.

"The injuries were so severe that you had to put him down so you've suffered the consequences relating to the dog being on the property without consent and causing the injury to the lamb," she said.

The dog owner was issued a global fine of $2000 and ordered to pay $248.70 in court costs. He was also granted a spent conviction on all charges.

More to come.