Letters to the Editor: 20 August 2020

Chris Duggan took this photo at Dolphin Quay in the Mandurah Marina. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au
Chris Duggan took this photo at Dolphin Quay in the Mandurah Marina. Send your photo to editor@mandurahmail.com.au

A real eyesore

I go for a walk through the parkland between Mandurah Terrace and the estuary each morning. It's a pleasant waterfront area and a nice feature for tourists. Many picnic in and around that area.

Recently work was carried out underneath a part of the paved walkway that runs down towards Tod's Café and about 50m of paving was pulled up while repairs were going on.

However, instead of putting back the pavers the walkway was filled with black bitumen, totally out of keeping with the rest of the area and a real eyesore.

If this is part of the beautification of Mandurah program then something has gone drastically wrong and the pavers need to be replaced as soon as possible, after all, there seem to be plenty of council workers around while many in the private sector have lost their jobs.

Peter Wood, Erskine

Concerned also

It was interesting to read of Dawesville MP Zak Kirkup's concern for the second wave of the COVID-19 virus and ''that the people in my electorate of Dawesville are frightened''.

I assure you that the people in your electorate of Halls Head are concerned also. I can only say thank goodness that Mark has not bowed to pressure from Clive and Scotto to open the borders of WA.

Lorraine Duncan, Halls Head

Where is the local contractor?

Regarding Peel Business Park (Mail, August 13, p16), why was the contract for landscaping awarded to Total Eden? It is owned by Ruralco, a huge Canadian company since 2014. Surely there must be truly local competitive businesses which are more than capable of doing the job for a local business park?

Also, when established companies move into the new complex, I wonder what happens to their current premises? More empty shops and warehouses?

G. Zchner-Mogall, Halls Head

Heading towards an unwinnable war with China

The Federal Liberal Government broke its "jobs and growth" promise even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now it is on track to lead us into an unwinnable war with China.

This government has already decimated the Chinese trade for barley, beef, foreign student placings and now the iron ore trade with China is under threat.

You really have to wonder what their goals are for the future of our country.

Philip Bradshaw, Mandurah

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