WA Building Services Board cautions South West builder

South West builder cautioned over non-compliance

A South West based builder has been formally cautioned by the Building Services Board after carrying out work without a permit.

Bridgetown's Matthew Dean Jansen was also found to have failed to follow the required plans and standards.

A Bridgetown builder has been formally cautioned for carrying out work without a building permit and failing to follow the required plans and standards.

The board found Mr Jansen breached WA's building registration laws during a home construction project in Bridgetown, which he took over in April 2019 after the original builder went into liquidation.

Mr Jansen started work at the site in May 2019 but did not apply for a new building permit until July.

The Shire of Bridgetown advised Mr Jansen to submit a different form, which would amend the builder's details on the existing building permit, rather than apply for a new one.

While following up on this paperwork, the shire noted that he had commenced some building work without a valid building permit.

A Building and Energy inspector later assessed Mr Jansen's work and found areas of non- compliance including incomplete wall bracing and incorrect placement of roof sheets and insulation.

"Building permits are an essential component of WA's building safety and control systems," Building and Energy Executive Director Saj Abdoolakhan said.

"The building permit process aims to protect the community by ensuring plans meet the required standards and a suitably qualified person is responsible for the project.

"If builders bypass this system, they jeopardise safety and quality, leading to potentially faulty or even hazardous work."