Do you know what the new City of Mandurah logo represents?

Do you know what the new City of Mandurah logo represents?

At first glance the symbol looked like a Chinese paper lantern to me but the intertwining lines hold a much more significant meaning.

The brand identity is made up of eight distinct parts that tell a story of Mandurah's community, reflecting the things that make this place so unique.

The M stands for Mandurah and is there to showcase our identity, recognition, and pride.

It reflects on the events, people and places that make Mandurah the beautiful location we all call home.

Whether this be our big annual events like, Crab Fest, which showcase the lifestyle, location, culture and talent that makes Mandurah so unique or just enjoying a coffee at one of our many local cafes that overlook our coastal views.

The next line symbolises a boat's bow, representing Mandurah's history, fishing and crabbing.

Thousands of locals and visitors flock to our waterways each year as Mandurah is renowned for its seafood and fishing.

As the sun rises in the summer months, you can see hundreds of boats heading out on the Peel-Harvey Estuary to catch blue swimmer crabs.

With our city surrounded by waterways this had to be represented within the City of Mandurah's identity.

This symbol reflects the waves, sea, river, and estuary we are lucky enough to live near and see every day.

The Noongar creator, being the Woggaal, is associated with the creation of Mandurah's freshwater places in Dreaming stories.

In Lake Clifton, the thrombolites are thought to be one of the first life forms on earth, they hold a significant place in Dreaming stories and explain how the local waterways were created.

These four curved lines signify ripples and represent the water, movement and energy.

With beaches stretching across the whole of Mandurah, you can catch a wave at many prominent locations along the coast.

Avalon, Pyramids, Tims Thicket and Falcon Bay are just a few of many beautiful spots you can see surfers enjoying the waves.

This line symbolises a seabird, which is a subtle nod to the seabirds on the City of Mandurah's previous logo.

The seabird represents the freedom and peace that comes with living in such a calm, coastal location.

Mandurah's bridges connect our places all together and this is exactly what this symbol represents.

The two lines connecting signify our industry and thriving city, particularly symbolising all the small businesses that keep this city flourishing.

With Mandjoogoordap meaning the meeting place of the heart, this is reflected heavily within the new brand especially with this symbol representing the people of Mandurah.

Mandurah's new place aspiration, "Woven by waterways, a city with a village heart", is reflected within the new brand, and is a culmination of community ideas and input.

The community is the gel that keeps Mandurah together and makes it the beautiful place we have all grown to know and love.

Just like Mandurah's people, places and events are woven together so is the City of Mandurah's new logo.

When the lines are all intertwined, it tells a story of Mandurah's community and signifies all the things that make this place so unique.

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