Mandurah residents turn to man's best friend to see them through pandemic

It appears Mandurah residents have been seeking the comfort of man's best friend to get them through the coronavirus pandemic, with K9 Dog Rescue Group seeing a spike in adoptions over recent months.

The beloved local group often has their kennels stacked to the rafters with dogs either being brought in from the pound or from families needing to move on from their pet.

But the vast majority of their rescue pooches have found new homes since the start of the pandemic, with the group being down to as few as just two dogs in their kennels at one point.

K9 volunteer Janine Matthews believes people being forced to work from home has played a big role in the rise of dog adoptions.

"A lot of people usually won't adopt a dog because they're working during the day, and those first few weeks are really important for people to be around as the dog gets acclimatised to a new home," she said.

"But that obviously isn't a factor when people are working from home. All of a sudden they have the time to give to a new family pet.

"We're also probably seeing people who are just looking for a companion to spend the day with if they have to be home all day."

The rise in K9 dogs being re-homed took the organisation by surprise, breaking the misconception that more people would be surrendering family pets due to financial strain.

"If anything we thought we might be seeing even more dogs coming through, just due to people who might not be able to pay for their pets," Ms Matthews said.

"But it's been the complete opposite."

With less dogs taking up space, K9 volunteers have rolled up their sleeves to refurbish their kennel blocks, an initiative that will be greatly supported by a fresh round of state government funding.

Announced last month, the funding will see K9 benefit from an extra $12,500 per year for the next three years, with the money set to be spent on rebuilding their 20-year-old kennel block.

"It's a huge boost for us," Ms Matthews said.

"The cyclone fencing around those kennels is rusted, the drainage needs an upgrade and they just need to be safer for the dogs."

K9 has also teamed up with Bar Therapy for fundraising initiatives, with the local hot spot holding an event earlier this month in which they raised $500 for the group.

The rescue organisation has also revamped their sponsorship package and is looking for businesses to come on board and sponsor a kennel, which will assist with the costs of food, vet bills and general upkeep.

For more information, call K9 Dog Rescue Group on 9581 9005.