Editorial: A fond farewell to the town I will always call home

Mandurah Mail journalist Kaylee Meerton says a final goodbye in her last edition of the paper.

Mandurah Mail journalist Kaylee Meerton says a final goodbye in her last edition of the paper.

Well, Mandurah, it is with great sadness but also pride that I write my final goodbye for the Mandurah Mail.

After almost two years of early mornings, late nights, long weekends, adventure, fun and excitement, my time at the paper has come to an end.

I started in this role in 2018 following a year and a half of travelling and exploring the world, but, after a lifetime of living in our beautiful seaside city, Mandurah called me home again.

I count my lucky stars every day for being born and raised here.

This place has so much to give, so much to be a part of, so much to be grateful for.

During my time at the paper, I have met some of the most generous, committed, driven and passionate local residents who have inspired me every day.

From those I've included in my very own Mandurah Millennials on a Mission and Passport to the Peel series, to those I have interviewed along the way in the education, health and community sectors.

There have been stories of heartbreak, of tragedy, of court, crime and crashes. Those stories are painful but they are unavoidable.

There have also been stories of triumph, community development, sporting achievements, fundraisers, festivals and celebrations. The list is endless.

I can only hope my passion for sharing the positive news of the Peel region, and my home town, has come across in my writing.

Despite what many people might think about journalists being desensitised to the news or perhaps uncaring, each and every one of the stories I've covered have had an effect on me.

They have brought me to tears or had me curled over in fits of laughter or pushed me to do better for our community.

It's been an absolute honour to tell the stories of Mandurah and I hope you will continue to support regional journalism into the future.

The team behind the Mandurah Mail work tirelessly to bring you the news every day, to tell your stories.

However, without your support, there would be no one to help influence change in a public sphere, to help uncover or explore local issues, to share the community's tales.

So, here's to one of the greatest experiences of my life - both personally and professionally - and to all the people who helped make it so fantastic.

Thank you.

My next adventure in the big smoke is calling, but Mandurah could never be rid of me that easily. I'll see you all around real soon.