Meet the new faces behind the curtain: Ruby and Teaghan launch theatre company

"Starting a theatre school for young people has always been a major life goal of mine."

Built on a lifelong passion for the arts, locals Ruby Liddelow and Teaghan Lowry have turned their love of theatre into a career with the recent launch of Chameleon Theatre Factory.

"I think my passion for the arts came from the intense sense of belonging I have been able to find here across my life, along with the way we can reflect the emotions and stories that make us human back to people in the electric live setting that is theatre," Ruby said.

"For me, my love of the arts came from how transformative performing was, it transformed me in my personal life, as I was able to grow more confident, but also more aware of myself and those around me," Teaghan added.

"Also, there is something so invigorating to me about getting up there on that stage and putting yourself out there, and I know it isn't for everyone, but I adore it."

Taking on a number of leadership roles within the local theatre community in the past, the pair said starting their own company was the next step for them.

"My experiences enabled me with the confidence to start my own company and my time as an ensemble member all my life gave me the love and drive to be able to do this," Teaghan said.

"I have been given the chance to direct around six original performances over the last two years, which raised my skills and confidence to the point where I felt super capable of starting a theatre company for kids," Ruby said.

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Both growing up as a part of the Mandurah arts community, Ruby and Teaghan wanted to create the same sense of belonging and creative freedom they felt for other young locals in the Peel region.

My time as an ensemble member all my life gave me the love and drive to be able to do this.

Chameleon Theatre Factory co-owner Teaghan Lowry

With weekly rehearsals set to begin on July 20, they are hoping to grow a fresh generation of empowered youth via theatre making and performance.

"We hope to offer a safe space for the young people of Mandurah to create, succeed or fail, and for them to embrace their inner sense of play," Teaghan said.

"Within this, we hope that they will come out of it more engaged in the arts, as well as capable leaders and people, who are always thinking beyond the box for solutions."

To find out how to get involved, the Chameleon Theatre Factory facebook.