Ted the orphaned baby wombat safe in police custody

There's a new furry recruit stationed at Queanbeyan Police Station.

He is Ted, the wombat.

Ted is an orphan who was found on the side of the road when his mother was killed by a car a couple of weeks ago.

Senior Constable Tori Murray took in the eight-month old bare-nosed wombat and since then the creature has lived in a cosy nook under the constable's desk.

Ted is lively and shuns cuddling - lively, that is, when he's not sleeping. He is either comatose and off duty or very active on his beat around the station.

The animal will stay in police custody for another year or so, until he's ready to be returned to the wild. Constable Murray is an animal lover who volunteers with Wildcare, the organisation that rescues injured animals across the Monaro region.

The district's inspector, Charles Hutchins, said all the officers had really taken to Ted.

He urged drivers to watch out for animals. "With school holidays and everyone travelling along the highway, we encourage people be aware of your surroundings, which may include our native wildlife," he said.

"If you see an animal near the road, we encourage you to slow down if possible, exercise caution and drive to the conditions so that way we'll show some kindness to the animals by the roads."

Ted. Picture: NSW Police

Ted. Picture: NSW Police

This story Ted the orphaned baby wombat safe in police custody first appeared on The Canberra Times.