Letter to the Editor: Many Faces of Racism

Shock, horror, mayhem and rage caused by the coronavirus and racism gone viral.

Global economies crumbled, freedom, livelihoods and many thousands of lives lost worldwide. China started this pandemic, now they are bullying Australia and threatening global trade wars. Is this not racism?

Where are the protestors causing violence erupting on city streets across nations for this abomination. Or is protesting exclusive for a black man killed by a white cop, BUT not for an innocent white woman killed by a black cop in Minneapolis? Is this not racism?

Is multiculturalism racism in disguise? Is the reason that people of different races cannot live together in harmony because greed, power, religion, traditions or cultural differences reign supreme?

Does racism mean discontentment? Why would Australians not be grateful and satisfied living in this wonderful country of opportunities for everyone?

Do flags of different colours divide and dishonour the Anzac's supreme sacrifice for all Australians to live in a free nation? Are we one people or not?

The silent majority today obey the law, are responsible adults and respect others to stay safe. Is it racism to need police protection from anyone who goes against these moral principles?

Racism will never change as long as there are minority and majority groups at war with each other.

What happened to World Peace and saving Planet Earth?

Compassion matters most before we all become dinosaurs!

Bill Johns