Question marks hang over a traditional return to the workplace: What the new normal could look like for Peel businesses

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

As lockdowns are relaxed around the world, the next challenge for many will be adjusting back into the workplace - although 'the office' is expected to look very different after the coronavirus crisis.

Research by professional networking platform Linkedin, suggests more than three in five Australians believe working from home arrangements could continue into the future, even when the pandemic has passed.

"The nature of workplaces have shifted dramatically due to COVID-19 and will likely experience lasting change as a consequence," the report read.

While many are convinced working from home will become the new normal, others believe COVID-19 might have sparked a rise in the use of co-working spaces.

Mandurah's only shared working hub resumed operations on May 18 under strict new COVID-19 conditions.

With all the necessary training under their belt, Make Place community manager Sharon Beetham said the co-working space was a safe, positive alternative for people who might not enjoy working from home full-time.

"We think a lot of small businesses might be changing how things look for them going forward," she said.

"People have managed to work from home and may not need a big, traditional office space anymore.

"Some people find working from home very difficult but in a co-working facility, you're still working in your own space, with your own business but you've got all of these other like minded people surrounding you.

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"You can't meet like minded people when you're isolated in your home.

"Make Place is a really great learning environment even with your own business and your own day-to-day routine.

"There is so much flexibility in the memberships available so its entirely up to the individual how they want to utilise the space - we can tailor from a few hours a week to more of a permanent desk."

While Ms Beetham said it had been a quiet first week with the doors open again but that was to be expected.

"I know there will be a few obstacles, a few road blocks for some people to come back," she said.

"Everyone's new normal looks different now plus, it's going to take a while for everyone to feel safe again.

"With restrictions limiting us to only 20 people, it does change what we are able to do in here.

"Even this week more and more people are getting back in here compared to last week, so I think people are perhaps winding up whatever they were doing at home and are now transitioning back into a collaborative workspace."