Ring Ring: New social phone group keeping Mandurah seniors connected during COVID-19

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

A new phone group is helping to keep Mandurah seniors social and make new friendships during the coronavirus crisis.

Ring Ring aims to spark connection between seniors in the region in light of the fact that many may be restricted by mobility, health issues or social distancing brought on by the pandemic.

The initiative was launched by social enterprise, Befriend, in collaboration with Chorus Out and About, and is funded by the WA Primary Health Alliance.

Befriend Mandurah community builder Charmaine Prinz said the calls were not welfare checks.

"Its focus is to keep people connected with their community and engaged with social conversations," she said.

"To be involved, you can register your contact details and you will be given the contact details of another senior in the Mandurah area to call. Your details will be also passed on.

"So you phone someone and someone else phones you.

"From there, we leave people to connect and hope you can make a new friendship and meet up one day or just have some interesting chats and give each other social support."

To register for Ring Ring, call 1800 861 630 or email ringring@befriend.org.au.

For more information, or to get involved with Befriend, email charmaine@befriendnd.org.au.