Halls Head College science students get to work investigating bacteria transmission

Halls Head College science students have welcomed their return to class in Term 2, getting back to work by investigating all things bacteria.

Year 12 students currently completing their Cert II in Sampling and Measurement prepared agar plates for Year 8 and 9 students to conduct an investigative experiment, analysing the difference between the exponential growth rate of bacteria from samples of fingerprints without and then with hand sanitiser.

The Year 8 and 9 students were able to observe the bacteria in the petri dish growing over a period of three days and then comparing that to after a week, with visually obvious results.

Students also did a range of swabs on high touch objects like mobile phones, keyboards, light switches and door knobs - proving that the usual high touch areas like door knobs were not growing as exponentially as they normally would due to the frequent cleaning which is done in their classes at the moment.

"Our goal is to ensure our students build currency for the workforce and are competitive for future training opportunities," Halls Head College principal Bronwyn White said.

"Our Cert II courses allows students to develop and apply skills that are transferable and sought after by future employers or education institutions.

"The need for critical and creative thinkers is essential in the scientific field so that we have active problem solvers to help build a better world together."