Power cuts across Peel, hundreds expected to have no electricity through the night

Harsh winds, plenty of rain and some thunder and lightning battered the south west of WA overnight and today, with the biggest storm since summer rolling through.

Power cuts have been recorded throughout the Peel region with hundreds of homes expected to have no electricity through the night.

Western Power has advised that anyone who doesn't have power by 5pm should expect to have none overnight.

Homes are still without power in parts of Ravenswood, Lake Clifton, Madora Bay, Greenfields, Pinjarra and Falcon.

Further afield, electricity is also out in Meelon, Blythewood, Coolup and Yarloop.

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Western Power spokesman Paul Entwistle said emergency crews are planning to work throughout the night to restore electricity to homes.

"Unfortunately we had a second wave of hazard calls come through, which means we had to redirect crews," he said.

"For more than two hours we had crews dealing with more hazards and then they went back to restoration.

"We will have crews working through the middle of night tonight and into the hours of the morning for the sole purpose of reconnecting power to those customers."

Western Power crews are continuing to repair the damage that has been caused by the severe weather front which has moved over the southern part of the state in the last 24 hours, with more than 22,000 emergency calls reported to our faults line.

"To restore power as quickly and safely as possible to our customers, we have mobilised around 30 reconstruction teams, and we cancelled planned works so we could redirect those crews to the emergency response, resulting in an increase to 50 teams working to restore power," Mr Entwistle said.

"Thanks to their efforts, we restored power to around 20,000 homes before lunch.

"Our priority is to clear hazards, like fallen power lines, to make sure the community is safe, and then look to restore power.

"Our forward plan is for fresh crews to continue work throughout the night and then into the early hours of the morning, to deal with hazards as they occur and restore customers where possible.

"We will also have fresh crews commencing work from 6am tomorrow and work to continue to restore customers.

"However, even with this approach and increased work crew numbers, the complexity of repairs that are required and the number of powerlines that have been damaged from the storm means some customers will be without power overnight.

"We apologise to those customers and will continue to work towards restoring them as quickly as safely as possible, especially before nightfall.

"We would advise that anybody who is still without power by 5 o'clock should prepare to be without power for a further time, possibly overnight."

Currently, there are 21,500 homes still impacted by the storm front across the network with 11,500 in the metro area and 10,500 in the southern capes section of the grid.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the immediate threat of severe weather has passed, but the situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings will be issued if necessary.

More to come.