Perth trips still on the board for Peel residents despite regional travel restrictions

Peel residents will still be able to visit Perth despite the state government enforcing unprecedented restrictions on travel between regions.

As of midnight on Tuesday, March 31, non-essential travel across the state will be restricted with borders being placed around regions throughout WA.

The Peel region and Perth Metropolitan area will be grouped together, meaning those living in Mandurah and Pinjarra can still travel to the city's more northern suburbs.

"Due to their close proximity, the Perth and Peel regions will be combined into one region, allowing people from Mandurah to travel into the metropolitan area," WA Premier Mark McGowan said at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

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Those caught breaking the restrictions could face fines of up to $50,000, while allowances will be made for those travelling for work or health purposes.

"My message to West Australians is this: Do not travel around WA," Mr McGowan said.

"Police have the power to enforce these restrictions if necessary.

"Our advice has been clear for days now: avoid all non-essential travel around our state,"

The restrictions will see easter travel plans cancelled for all West Australian residents.

"These are extraordinary times and we have a responsibility to implement extraordinary measures," the Premier said.

"We have responsibilities to stop the spread of the coronavirus."