After a storm comes a rainbow: Mandurah residents spread joy in a time of social distancing

Children all over Mandurah have joined the world in sharing their pictures of rainbows in a bid to spread joy during this hard time of social distancing.

The Rainbow Trail Australia facebook group aims to spread hope and positivity, as well as giving children something to look out for on their daily walks by encouraging citizens to draw a rainbow and stick it in their window.

The group created on March 21 already has more than 29,000 members and continues to grow rapidly as people all across Australia join the trend.

Peel residents have joined in with locals from suburbs including Lakelands, Meadow Springs, Singleton, Ravenswood and Baldivis sharing their rainbows.

On your next walk look out for these rainbows and join the rainbow trail initiative by creating your own.

To learn more visit: Rainbow Trail Australia

Have your children been painting rainbows? Send us a photo to (we'd love to see your kids in the photo too!)