Mandurah street art draws in tourists

In 2018 Mandurah local Annette Green started the Australian Silo Art Trail facebook group to encourage people to visit silo and street art in regional areas.

Now with more 40,000 members the group has helped boost tourism in many areas including Mandurah.

Australian Silo Art Trail facebook group founder Annette Green said, "I would not say we are responsible for putting Mandurah on the map but the group has definitely helped towards putting it there.

"So many people have posted about Mandurah over the years."

The map of Australian silo art created by Annette has also drawn in people to Mandurah as it has over 500,000 views.

The map lists 13 pieces of street art in Mandurah including work by Ketones on the old museum and some near Cicerello's by Mel McVee.

"When I went walking around Mandurah I was amazed that some of these were there.

"My eyes have opened since starting this group and I think that's what is happening to other people in the group as well.

"This street art gives tourists more reason to come have a look around Mandurah," Mrs Green said.

With social distancing rules now in place this street art is a great opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and support Mandurah locals.

To see the locations of Mandurah street art visit: Australian Silo Art Trail