Boozing from home: Supermarkets not alone with increase in trade

Alcohol retailers have noticed an upturn in trade as the coronavirus crisis hits. Picture: Shutterstock
Alcohol retailers have noticed an upturn in trade as the coronavirus crisis hits. Picture: Shutterstock

Supermarkets aren't the only retailers to see a surge in spending since the outbreak of coronavirus, with customers stocking up on alcohol to get through isolation.

Local BWS and Dan Murphy's storesreported busier than usual weeks, with more people through the doors filling larger-than-usual orders.

"Our stock is dropping and it is hard to keep the cool room filled," BWS Halls Head worker Joe Lovell said.

"Dan Murphy's ran out of Carlton Dry yesterday so then heaps of customers came to us."

Another BWS worker from Greenfields said, "It has definitely gotten busier over the past few weeks but we are still not as packed as Woolies.

"We are always out of casks by the end of the day though."

With a spike in spending many liquor stores are now limiting certain alcohol sales.

BWS have limited their stock to three beer cases, 12 bottles of wine, three cask wines, four bottles of spirits, four premix cases, and four cider cases per customer.

Dan Murphy's have followed suit by limiting their sales to 18 bottles of wine, three cask wines, six bottles of spirits, and three cases of beer, cider or premixes.

Due to these changing circumstances many liquor stores have also had to shut down their usual systems.

A statement by Dan Murphy's outlined that stores will no longer be taking orders over the phone and allowing pick up.

Additionally, BWS have put floor markings in their stores to indicate appropriate distances between others at the checkout and added perspex sneeze guards to safeguard both customers and team members.

A spokesperson for the liquor, hotel and gaming business which runs Woolworths' alcohol stores said the increased spending wasn't specific for beer, wine or spirits, with none likely to run out.

"Demand is spread broadly across our range of products and we do not anticipate any significant out-of-stock issues," the spokesperson said.

"We understand these are uncertain times where there can be comfort found in being prepared, however, we would encourage customers to purchase as they would normally, continue to drink responsibly and to please treat our team with courtesy and respect."