'Truly devastating': Hospitality takes a hit as Peel pubs close doors indefinitely

The prospect of a six-month closure has one of Mandurah's most iconic venues "pretty worried."

In a sad turn of events for our city, Murphy's Irish Pub was forced to close their doors on Monday morning, following new and unprecedented restrictions to the hospitality sector as the federal government attempts to stop the transmission of the coronavirus.

Handed down by Prime Minister Scott Morrison overnight, the restrictions will see pubs, cafes and restaurants across the country shutting their doors as a result of the pandemic, with the nation's leader citing a potential six-month wait before they are able to re-open.

It's news that comes as both frustrating and worrisome for Murphy's owner Peta Janiec, who said while most businesses were equipped to deal with a short closure, half a year could prove detrimental.

"We just feel frustrated. As a venue we have complied with the department of health regulations throughout this entire process, but obviously many others across the country failed to comply and now this is the situation we find ourselves in," Ms Janiec said.

"We understand why we need to close our doors, and we realise it's best for the health of the general public, but six months is a long time to be closed.

"I think he (Prime Minister Morrison) outlined that was a worst case scenario, so here's hoping we can open our doors before then."

Alongside the pubs feeling the pinch are the staff members that man them.

The taps have run dry for bartenders, wait staff would be serving empty tables and kitchen hands throwing out used takeaway boxes rather than washing dishes.

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It's bound to leave thousands across the country without a job for some time, something Ms Janiec said was daunting as she informed her staff of the pub's closure.

"It's an emotional thing to have to do - our workers have been awesome about it and they understand this is out of our hands, but that doesn't exactly make it any easier," she said.

"The emotional and mental stress of it all, it's so much to handle."

Other establishments closing their doors around the Peel region include The Bridge Garden Bar and Restaurant, The Peninsula, Peel Alehouse, the Lazy Crab, Pinjarra's Premier Hotel and the Dwellingup Hotel - many of which will continue to provide meals through takeaway or delivery options.

Several of the local pubs took to Facebook to thank their regulars while announcing closures.

"The Pen Team would like to thank all of our Mandurah locals for their continued support during this crisis, and we look forward to serving you again in a better time," The Peninsula wrote.

"It is a truly devastating time for hospitality workers all over Australia and just know that we too are thinking about you," the Bridge added.