Speed up and show some courtesy



I was driving in Mandurah a few days ago and pulled up behind a smaller car stopped at a red light. The light turned green and the car in front remained stationary.

About 30 seconds passed, and I gave what I thought was a helpful toot of the horn to alert the driver that they were allowed to proceed. I was completely astounded when the lady driving the car flipped me the bird and gave me a torrent of abuse. Some people just lack courtesy.

Terry Tulakeli

Halls Head


Eva Ilett (Mandurah Mail, February 6, page 20) said "most local people are generally courteous". I would suggest to Eva to drive anywhere in an 80-100kmh zone and observe how many persist in driving at up to 20kmh slower than the limit. These drivers are dangerous, inconsiderate and have no regard for traffic flow on our busy roads.

Couple this poor driving to the number of Mandurah drivers who cannot traverse a roundabout legally or refuse to use their indicators and we have crashes just waiting to happen.

Philip Bradshaw


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