Mandurah's yellow bin waste to be recycled again

Photo: File Image.
Photo: File Image.

Mandurah's waste crisis has been cleaned up thanks to a verbal agreement with recycling processor, Cleanaway.

The community was last week outraged to discover all yellow bin waste was being diverted into landfill after a contract between two of WA's recycling processors collapsed.

Mandurah was one of 20 councils across WA impacted when fire destroyed recycling processor Cleanaway's $25 million material handling facility in East Perth late in November.

Cleanaway had sought out other facilities to try to process as much recycling material as possible, including by entering an agreement with the South Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC). The interim agreement ended on January 24, and recyclable materials have since been going into landfill.

But on Tuesday, the City of Mandurah announced Cleanaway had verbally agreed with SMRC to process recycling until its own facility is back up and running later this year.

In a statement, Mayor Rhys Williams thanked the two organisations for pushing for a solution.

"Any recycling going into landfill is a tragedy and I am pleased that a solution has been brokered," Cr Williams said.

"I encourage our Mandurah community to continue to look for ways to reduce and reuse your waste and keep up the outstanding commitment to recycling, which is regarded as one of the best in Western Australia."

A formal agreement is expected by next week.

Almost 3500 tonnes of recyclables from the City of Mandurah had been collected and sent to Cleanaway's recycling facility for processing before the catastrophic fire last year.

The City held talks with Cleanaway on February 5 to stress the urgency of finding a solution.

For more information on Mandurah's recycling, go to the City of Mandurah website.

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