Mandurah artist raises thousands for wildlife rescue centres impacted by bushfires

A Mandurah artist has pitched in to help with bushfire relief efforts across the country, raising $5000 from the sale of an iconic Australian masterpiece.

Tahnee Kelland sold 50 prints of her Australia artwork and donated 100 per cent of the profits to The Rescue Collective.

The charity, based in Brisbane, distribute donations all over the country to smaller rescue groups in need following the bushfire disaster.

The beautiful artwork was originally painted for Australian designer Camilla Franks and was only ever going to be released to the public on clothing.

When the fires took over our country, I felt so helpless and wanted to be able to raise funds somehow.

Tahnee Kelland

However, in an interview with the Mandurah Mail, Ms Kelland said she requested permission to release the prints and donate the profits to charity.

"This artwork was originally made for the collection, Mother, which was released late last year onto the designer kaftans but was never planned to be released as a print," she said.

"When the fires took over our country, I felt so helpless and wanted to be able to raise funds somehow and the print was the first thing that came to mind."

Ms Kelland teamed up with Mandurah printer Ross de Hoog who jumped on board to help, printing, packing and sending orders at no cost.

The duo then took to social media to announce the fundraiser and sold all 50 of the A2 prints in less than 24 hours.

Ms Kelland said the artwork aimed to celebrate Australia's unique flora and fauna.

"I added whimsical elements like wings to kangaroos and mermaid tales to galah winged horses to try and represent how magical our local creatures are," she said.

"The fires have destroyed the life of over 500 million local wild life so the print has brought on a new meaning now and I feel it really honours those we have lost.

"Hopefully it also serves as a reminder of what precious life we need to protect."

Ms Kelland said it was important for her to pitch in where she could to help those impacted by the bushfires.

"The government have been absolutely useless during this horrendous time, so everyday people have been doing everything they can to do what they can to help," she said.

"If we, the people, don't donate, they don't have funding. I have been encouraging everyone to do what they can.

"This devastation isn't over when the fires are out. The individuals and communities affected will be feeling it for a long time to come.

"We need to keep giving long after the fire fighters pack up."

The impressive Australia print is still available to purchase, with the profits from any sales now going towards supporting an up-and-coming artist.

For more information, or to check out more of Tahnee Kelland's art, visit her website or Facebook page.

To donate to The Rescue Collective, visit their website.