COMMENT: A big 2019 now turns to an even bigger 2020 for Mandurah

Well another year has come and gone and once again, as we do this time every year here at the Mandurah Mail, we're taking a look back at what transpired over the past 12 months.

Perhaps you've already noticed our 12-section strong Year In Review feature spread over our past two editions, and you may have even caught some messages from our political leaders and plenty of our favourite photos.

For me personally, though, I've never really been one for reflection.

I don't think I've even worked the New Year's period over the past two or three years (probably much to my colleagues' dismay), and you'd usually catch me at the cricket with a beer in hand.

But this year I was on deck here at our Pinjarra Road base, and I have to say, it's hard not to look back on just how significant 2019 was for the Peel region (and of course, our little newspaper).

This year was my fourth working for this wonderful paper in this wonderful place, and without doubt my favourite.

Watching first-hand the tireless work of journalist Carla Hildebrandt as she sought (and was granted) a reward for information on the 1980s murder of Annette Deverell, or seeing fellow writer Kaylee Meerton shine the light on our city's up and coming young achievers, was a pleasure.

But far more importantly, looking outside of our newsroom, it's a joy to watch this city consistently looking for ways to move forward.

Be it the success of the Peel Health Hub, which has serviced countless people in need over its inaugural year, or the hard work done by volunteers to help the homeless, there's always someone tirelessly trying to better our community.

So I hope you've enjoyed this festive season and New Years break, Mandurah. I'm looking even more forward to seeing what this town can accomplish next year, and of course, being on deck to write about it.

Justin Rake is a journalist with the Mandurah Mail.