Introducing health and wellness influencer and podcast host Georgia Perry

Georgia Perry is a young health and wellness guru, using digital platforms to inspire and motivate thousands of followers to lead an active lifestyle.

An impressive women's footballer, successful fitness model, activewear stylist, podcast host and primary school teacher, there isn't much that this Mandurah millennial hasn't succeeded at.

With her captivating spirit, Georgia is driven to teach other young people the value of loving themselves and hopes to make the world a happier, more active place.

At just 23 years old, this superstar athlete and motivational speaker is just getting started in a career focused on inspiring as many people as possible.

Georgia is the third profile in the new Mandurah Millennials on a Mission series, as we meet the young people from around the region helping to shape a new narrative.

The series aims to provide an insight into some of the fresh new talent who have grown up in our great city, and are just getting started making a name for themselves.

Introducing Georgia Perry

From the moment I sit down with Georgia, I am bouncing with positive vibes because her energy and enthusiasm is infectious.

She has a lust for life that made me just want to get up and dance in the middle of Mataya - the coffee shop where we met for our interview.

Georgia describes herself as confident, proud and positive and I can't help but agree.

She goes to yoga, does pilates and meditates - she's everything you wish you could be more of.

But she is also humble and appreciates how much of a journey she has been on to reach this point in her life.

She puts it down to finding her passions and "pouring" her energy into them - football, friends, family, fitness, fashion and fun.

"It comes down to the environment that you surround yourself with, your mindset and your goals - you have to have things that drive you," she said.

I've known Georgia for about 10 years now, after we bonded over a shared love for netball as teenagers.

We played on the same team as often as we played against each other but have always had time for a quick chat.

I was excited to catch up with an old friend and learn more about what she had been up to since we last spoke in high school.

Growing up in Mandurah

Georgia describes her childhood in Dawesville as "very positive".

Growing up in the sleepy coastal town, she led an active lifestyle from a young age with her brother, sister and parents.

Mornings looked like walking the dog at the beach and running along the water with the family before rocking up to school with salty hair and sandy feet.

But Georgia said she wouldn't have had it any other way.

"As a young child, I remember after school my dad would ask who wanted to go for a run and he would ride his bike next to us while the Perry squad trained for cross country," she laughed.

"I did a lot of netball, basketball and football growing up, cross country and athletics - I was very sport focused."

I want to bring my family up here - it has a great community feeling and there are so many opportunities.

After attending Ocean Road and then Dawesville Catholic Primary School, a young Georgia started high school at Mandurah Catholic College.

While she describes school as very positive, Georgia said academic areas were a real challenge.

"I used to be that kid in the class who was so anxious about reading aloud or making mistakes but now I'm a podcast presenter, I run workshops, I take every opportunity to publicly speak because I love it," she said.

"I am in such creative roles now with writing blogs and podcast show notes, but back then I actually failed English at the end of year 12 and had to re-sit an exam to get into uni.

"I remember in year 12, I went to this course and it was all about mindset and personal development, goal setting and creating the best version of yourself and that was a really big turning point for me.

"Since then, I've really come out of my shell and found my feet."

Photo: Supplied.

Photo: Supplied.

While Georgia has since moved to Perth to pursue her exciting, diverse career, she still spends plenty of time in Mandurah visiting friends and family.

And she said she loves what has become of the town she calls home.

"I feel like there's been a real effort to tidy up Mandurah and give it it that tourist feel - it just feels like you're on holidays here," she said.

"I've seen such a positive change in Mandurah through Rhys Williams and it's really energising to see someone young having such a positive impact in Mandurah.

"I want to bring my family up here - it has a great community feeling and there are so many opportunities."

Feeling at home on the football field

Georgia's face lights up as she talks about her short but sweet football career, that she admits she kind of fell into before falling in love with.

Helping out around the South Mandurah Football Club with strapping and massage, Georgia said she was she was just hanging to be on the other side of the field.

A friend suggested going to a Peel Thunderbirds training session - Mandurah's representative women's football team.

I absolutely loved it - it's different to any other team sport I've ever played.

"I laughed it off but I did go and I absolutely loved it - it's different to any other team sport I've ever played," she said.

"So much goes in to winning a game of football - there are so many tactics, so much training, it's such a challenge."

Georgia played her first game in the Reserves team in 2014 before stepping up to the League team the next week.

After that, she said she never looked back.

Georgia (right) and her Peel Thunderbirds teammates. Photo: Supplied.

Georgia (right) and her Peel Thunderbirds teammates. Photo: Supplied.

The football superstar went on to play in the West Australian under 23's state team for two years.

Georgia reached the peak of her career when she was accepted into the West Coast Eagles Academy Development squad.

Then, any athlete's worst nightmare came true.

"The Eagles was my dream but just before it happened, I tore my anterior cruciate ligament which was a real turning point for me," she said.

"This game was so harsh on my body even though I really loved it."

But, in true Georgia spirit and determined not to give up, she started her own personal comeback project.

"I set a goal to make a comeback and I did that. I went on to play another season and a half for Peel Thunderbirds," she said.

"But I decided to hang up the boots in 2018. It felt like the right time for me and I'm really proud to have made that decision."

Kicking Goals with Georgia Perry

With her schedule usually jam packed with football and training, Georgia used her new-found free time to pursue her next adventure - her very own podcast.

Inspired to capture the stories of Australian business owners, influencers and athletes, she has interviewed a wide variety of figures to make for consistently inspirational episodes.

From decorated local personal trainer Brad Davis to AFLW player Hayley Bullas, entrepreneur Stephanie Gorton and nutritionist Katie Bilz.

Georgia said the podcast now served as her own creative outlet to motivate listeners alongside some of Australia's best and brightest.

And it all started with a simple idea from a friend.

"A guy at Peel Thunder, Owen, suggested I do a sports podcast and that sort of planted the idea in my mind. When that particular one didn't work out, I was inspired to start my own show," she said.

"I've always had the vision to help sporting clubs, business owners, individuals find a shared vision and podcasts are an easy access platform that people use on a daily basis.

"I love spending time with each person and really diving deep. We discuss overcoming challenges and creating positive habits in your life.

"I think everyone has something to give to this world. Everyone has been through challenges and experiences and if they can share their wisdom with the community, it's so powerful."

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Teaching the next generation

Georgia's first and foremost passion lies with inspiring children to be the best version of themselves.

She graduated with a degree in early childhood and primary education from Murdoch University just this year.

Georgia said she her dad, who has been both a teacher and deputy principal, inspired her to pursue a career in teaching.

"Being exposed to that environment and talking to teachers all my life definitely had a lot to do with the path that I took and the teachers at MCC also had a lot to do with my progression into teaching," she said.

While studying for her degree, Georgia was a role model for Champion Life - an educational resource in primary schools that aims to get kids active.

She spent time in schools around the state, teaching kids stretches and movements to implement throughout the day to improve their overall health.

"I would run the students through challenges and give them life tips that were related to nutrition or wearing sunscreen or the importance of positive thinking," Georgia said.

"I'm so glad to have been involved in that because it taught me a lot and gave me some really good contacts for teaching."

Georgia running a session with students as part of her role model work with Champion Life. Photo: Supplied.

Georgia running a session with students as part of her role model work with Champion Life. Photo: Supplied.

Contacts that have helped her establish a career, just weeks after finishing her degree.

Georgia has picked up plenty of relief work around Mandurah and will start a part-time role as a sports teacher at a school in Perth next year.

The inspiring educator said she can't wait to start making an impact on students' lives.

"I start every day with a written quote on the board to fuel students' minds. The last one I had said 'what can you do today that will improve your tomorrow?'," she said.

"I like being that figure in the classroom that helps children see the light. I want them to know that I believe they can achieve what they want to.

"The big thing for me is changing their mindset and giving them that self-belief. I think there is a whole other level to education that I can make a positive influence in."

'I love self love'

Georgia is so full of inspiration and sage advice, it would be wrong not to dedicate a whole section of this profile just to her words of wisdom.

Chatting to her during our interview, and then listening back again as I transcribed, I was so full of love, hope and a drive to do more, to do better.

And I couldn't not share that with everyone.

From health and fitness tips to channeling your strongest mental wellbeing, Georgia has a powerful pointer about everything.

It's all about being able to give your real and authentic self to other people so filling your own cup up first before trying to help fill someone else's.

My favourite of all her quotes - "always wear a smile and have a positive attitude".

But there are plenty more life lessons where that came from.

"Be nice to everyone because kindness is free," Georgia said.

"You are the value of the people you surround yourself with. You can really create something even bigger than you thought when you have the help of the right people in the community.

"If you aren't doing things that light you up, maybe it's time to step outside of your comfort zone."

But if there is one thing Georgia preaches, it's the importance of self love.

"It's all about being able to give your real and authentic self to other people so filling your own cup up first before trying to help fill someone else's," she said.

And she has a few tips in particular to show yourself some love.

"I find pockets of time throughout my day and my life to practice gratitude or do my affirmations and power statements because implementing positive change is so important," she said.

"Make a morning routine that excites you to get out of bed. You're lucky to be living so ground yourself before you start your day.

"Find an exercise that keeps you wanting more. Try something new to keep motivated, a movement that lights you up.

"The importance of sleep is so underrated - I've never had this much sleep in my life and I just feel so alive.

"And don't forget to treat yourself. It doesn't have to be all the time, but take care of your body and take pride of your appearance. Do what makes you feel good and don't feel guilty about it."

The future is light

Helping women break down external pressures to let out their internal light.

This is Georgia's next mission.

Just when I think our conversation couldn't be any more motivating, hearing what this dedicated young fitness influencer has in store for 2020 proves me wrong.

In January, Georgia and her business partner, Julian Pace, will launch their women empowerment and personal development workshops.

Georgia said the project focused on "finding the light in dark times".

"It's all about helping women find clarity and self discipline in areas like career, relationships, health, wealth and self love.

"The workshops will be held every 21 days to get community and women together to share and learn from people that have been there on that journey and to take action in their life.

"I want to help people make small changes when they might need a bit direction to create the life they want and build their own amazing brand."

To keep up with all the latest from Georgia Perry, or to learn more about her new empowerment workshops, follow her on Instagram.

The next Mandurah Millennials on a Mission profile will explore the life of a dynamic young businessman and creative entrepreneur establishing collaboration in Mandurah's entertainment scene.