PeelConnect gets a helping hand to continue battling homelessness

Peel Connect chairperson Ron Whitnell. Photo: File image.
Peel Connect chairperson Ron Whitnell. Photo: File image.

Local homelessness support group PeelConnect has been given a grant which will help support and grow its vital collaboration with support services and volunteers.

Chairperson Ron Withnell said that the organisation was founded in 2014 out of necessity and is driven by people with compassion for those in need within the Mandurah community and surrounds.

It originated with founder Reg Lambert, who spent some 30 years talking to people sleeping rough in the streets of Mandurah at night and offering them support and a warm drink and blanket.

"This compassion is what drives us and underpins everything we do - everyone at PeelConnect is a volunteer, all passionate about supporting people who need help with issues such as homelessness, mental health, drugs and alcohol," Mr Whitnell said.

"Each year we have a Celebrating Community Connection dinner to celebrate what we are doing, our volunteers and support agencies and the way we all work in harmony, to alleviate issues of homelessness, mental health and drugs and alcohol in our community.

"The grant will go towards this key event, helping to make tickets free for members and volunteers for each agency - not just a dinner, this is an important opportunity to network and expand what we are doing and, of course, to thank everyone involved."

PeelConnect runs a range of programs, entirely with volunteers, that provide crucial support to people living on the streets, including a Night Carers Program, The Sewing Project and the MACS (Mentoring, Advocacy, Counselling, Support) program.

The grant from P&N Bank is a welcome gift that will boost these programs in 2020 by fostering and nurturing the vital relationships the organisation depends upon.

P&N Bank Mandurah branch manager Elaine Carus said that P&N is delighted to be able to help to bring volunteers and the community together to alleviate homelessness and other issues.

"It is great to see the way PeelConnect connects volunteers and agencies to alleviate a problem and provide real support for those members of our community who are in need," Elaine said.

"As a WA based bank, P&N exists to enrich the lives of our customers and the local communities in which they live."

Mr Whitnell said that PeelConnect is always in need of volunteers - to see more visit