Ocean Road Primary School spreads important eco message

Students at Ocean Road Primary School learnt about alternatives to single use plastics and how to make reusable beeswax wraps at a special environmental lesson last week.

After watching a demonstration on how to make the wraps, the year 3 and 4 students learnt how to best care for them to ensure longevity and which food products could be used with the wraps.

They then selected a fabric of their choice to make a wrap of their own, displaying plenty of enthusiasm.

School community volunteers helped students with the project, which was funded by a Pinjarra Junction Shopping Centre community grant.

All fabric was kindly donated to keep with Ocean Road's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle message and beeswax pellets were supplied by Buzzy Wraps.

My favourite part was helping the environment.


All students enjoyed learning more about the benefits of substituting plastic products with environmentally friendly options.

"My favourite part of making the wraps was getting to spread the hot wax around on the fabric," Orlando said.

"My favourite part was helping the environment and saving the animals because there will be less rubbish blowing around," Santana said.