Mystery millionaire: Mandurah man claims big Lotto win

Photo: File Image.
Photo: File Image.

A Mandurah man is Western Australia's latest millionaire.

He pocketed $1.66 million when he finally came forward to claim his prize, after being contacted by Lotterywest.

The man in his 40s did not realise he was one of three WA winners from a Saturday Lotto draw earlier this month.

He said he had seen he was a winner on his Lotterywest Play Online app, but because there was no amount displayed next to the win he assumed it was a glitch.

"When I got the call from a guy called Sam from Lotterywest, I asked if I'd done something wrong," he said.

"Sam said quite the opposite and told me I'd won a "substantial amount" and made me check my app properly.

"My head and my hands were not matching up with this information but I finally got it working and realised I'd won."

A married father of three, the man described the win as "life-changing".

He said he would continue his self-employed work and clear all personal debts.

"It's going to be a different Christmas this year," he said.

The next chance for WA players to win big is in Thursday's $40 million Powerball draw.

Powerball tickets are available from Lotterywest in-store, online or through the app. Players are encouraged to play responsibly.